The Regency Mènage series continues.

Delicate Susanna, noble Spencer, and feisty Abby continue to push way beyond the boundaries of proper Regency society in More Than Married.

The explicit scenes you’ve come to love and enjoy continue in the story of the throuple as they pledge their life-long love to each other. From the aisle of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, to the privacy of their shared boudoir, the depth of their emotions continues to grow.

Here’s an excerpt:

He sighs, his eyes rolling in bliss. I’m filled with tenderness. He’s loosed my hands in his moment of release, and I wrap him in my arms. Abby’s arm goes over mine. We cradle him together in his moment of vulnerability, still buried inside me.


She kisses my cheek, then trails kisses down my jaw, whispers in my ear.


“I love you Susanna.”


“I love you, Susanna,” echoes Spencer.


“I. Love. You. Both.” I’m breathing hard still from my pent-up excitement.


Spencer’s soft, wet cock slides out of me and he rolls over onto his back, arms out like he’s being held up, a silly satisfied smile on his handsome face.


Abby quickly steps in to fill the void. Her hand strokes my clit and her mouth nibbles my nipple. She engulfs my whole breast in her mouth, and that feeling that was too intense before is nothing short of glorious now. 


She props herself up on one elbow, watching me intently with her blue eyes, and it only takes a few moments for my energy to surge from within up into those blue eyes.


I reach out and grab Spencer’s hand.


I fall into the blueness of Abby’s eyes like a bird soaring in the sky.  

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